Finding Your Dream Vacation Rental

travel · Friday, July 19, 2024

Finding Your Dream Vacation Rental: Top Tips & Money-Saving Strategies Hey there! Who does not want a break from work and life? People want to explore the world and spend time with their loved ones or even alone breathing the air, splashing some water, and bathing under the sun. To achieve this vacation rental venues are at your disposal. But before we jump on the bandwagon of finding your dream vacation rental, let's have a quick look at the statistics.

According to Ruby Home, there are approximately 1.3 million vacation rentals in the U.S.The largest number of vacation rental listings can be found on Airbnb ( 7 million) and (6.6 million). Another set of figures is displayed by Webinarcare that the revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 7.2%, resulting in a market volume of $18,517M by 2024.

Now it’s turn to dig into the details of the following blog that will provide you with multiple suggestions regarding top tips and money-saving strategies.

The Power Of Vacation Rentals Gone are the days when travelers only headed towards hotels as now vacation rentals have proved to be a great substitute for these venues. The demand has increased the number of vacation rentals. Why? Because they fulfill the desires of tourists who wish to have a feeling of home when they have to travel leaving their comfort zone behind. It grants them more facilities, and space and stirs a local flavor in the atmosphere. However, when one searches for the best vacation rentals, the results confuse the potential traveler as they find it a challenge to come up with a final decision that which spot is providing them with the best deal and services at the lowest rates. Therefore, this blog has been written for the particular travelers, who can benefit from reading top tips and money-saving strategies to lock in the deal of your dream vacation rental spot:

What Do You Exactly Need? First and foremost what exactly do you need? What are your requirements? You should be well familiar with the answers to these questions.

Destination If you are new to traveling then your destination might hold a special place on your bucket list. You must have heard about so many countries from your friends and a few of them might have stuck in your mind that one day you will visit these. So which country has stolen your heart? Keep a few factors in mind like weather, activities, and cultural preferences. You might not feel a misfit or bored since choices and likes vary from person to person.

Style Of Travelling Some people prefer staying in lavish places, while some book standard spots give them the basic amenities as their major focus is to stay outdoors. So in which category do you fall? While searching for the rentals, do have a look at their gallery to have an idea of what type of rooms they have and are they fit well with your requirements.

Number Of Passengers Are you traveling solo or with your family? By family, we mean spouse and children or group. Once you enter the number of total people coming on the trip. You will be suggested vacation rentals according to the size that can accommodate either you or all your family. Plus you can even see the layout of the venue to come up with a concrete decision.

Facilities The part that every traveler gives more attention to. What facilities is the vacation rental providing? Hence see what you need. Like a hot tub, pool, or even better a fully-equipped kitchen. Many travelers want to pamper themselves by relaxing in a hot tub, while some prefer interacting with nature at day time in the open swimming pool. A fully equipped kitchen turns out to be of big help for people who are super picky about their coffee and breakfast. They find it hard to rely on any other person to make things for them. Hence, while searching for vacation rentals, watch the facilities section to ensure that they are providing you with a style you cannot compromise on. Because overlooking this factor will cause you to regret your decision. And you won’t want that to happen, especially after partying at a hefty price for the vacation spot.

Open Up Multiple Tabs When your vacation mode is switched on, you will want to book a comfortable vacation rental venue. Would that be possible to find within a few minutes? Certainly not! To pick the best you will have to research like a professional as after all it’s your vacation you are looking forward to planning. What should you do here? Type the query to show you the list of ideal vacation rentals and the search engines will unlock the doors for you to enter the vast landscape of rentals that you can open up in multiple tabs. You can get a good idea by comparing the deals with one another. Some prominent vacation rental accommodations that have been ruling the tourism market are as follows:

Significant Players Make way for VacayHub. This website fulfills your wishes to stay beside the beach in Beach Condos and Beach Rental Houses. Don’t worry about the fees as the charges are low and guess what? The services are exceptionally high. For this platform, customer satisfaction is the utmost priority and even if you check the website you will find many positive reviews from clients who have always trusted them and the new ones who recently experienced them.

Apart from VacayHub, you have Airbnb, VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner), and (alongside hotels, the website also provides travelers with vacation rental listings).

Instead of creating clutter in your mind, just head over to the filter option, where you will find several options such as location, facilities, number of guests, and budget. Click on them according to your preference and you will end up with good substitutes, but none of them will be as good as VacayHub.

Expert Webpages
Besides some of the major players, there are individual websites that hold immense expertise in telling travelers about vacation rental places. Why individual? Because these websites are not known to many people prefer clicking on the more popular pages, but the expert webpages display deals that remain unmatched. These are: VacayHub (Which offers beach houses and cabins) HomeAway (which centralizes its focus on vacation rentals), and Glamping Hub(Which offers yurts, treehouses, and cabins). They should be seen when looking for vacation rentals since they furnish users with customized traveling styles, and display separate listings that the mainstream sites failed to show so. Hence be vigilant when exploring your options.

Master The Search Once your heart and mind mutually agree on exploring the platform. Then it is time to dig into more details and sort through the categories of search such as location, amenities, budget, type of property, and number of guests.

Location You can make your search easy by putting in the name of the specific city, community, neighborhood, or particular landmarks that boost the recognition of the place. This will all help in getting accurate results.

Budget One of the most important factors is your budget. Up to what extent are you willing to spend on your getaway therapy? You will see the price range bar that you can move towards extreme low or high. When on vacation it means that you will go and explore the nearby attractions and not limit yourselves to four walls. The activities include groceries, dining out, purchasing snacks, transportation, and other modes of entertainment. Therefore, just be in constant touch with your calculation as everything might look tempting, but you have to know your limits.

Number of Guests This depends if you are traveling solo or with a group. In the case of solo, you will find facilities that suit your style. But if you have a group in the form of friends or family that includes children then your priority will be to look for an accommodation that gives off comfortable vibes as amenities vary from person to person. If the trip is for more than one week, then ensure that the services and facilities are premium for a comfortable stay. Therefore tell that to the platform so the results are exactly what you searched for.

Amenities There are travelers who cannot compromise on a few amenities wherever they go. Like a hair dryer, coffee, or tea maker. So if you are also particular about having these things in your room, then do mention the results to show you the vacation rental that has all these facilities enhancing your experience throughout your trip. Besides if you have children then a swimming pool will excite them and a kitchen for your spouse to do the necessary cooking instead of relying on outdoor kitchens. Credits go to demand and supply that observing the similar needs of the clients the vacation rental spots have begun to make these facilities and services as a part of the stay.

Type of Property How did you imagine your dream vacation rental to be? Waking up in a cozy cabin, a lavish villa, a spacious flat, or something more innovative. Your imagination can come to life when you click on the necessary options that what type of property will serve the purpose of your dream vacation.

Read The Reviews Before booking any deal, you habitually read through the reviews to make sure everything is authentic and genuine. The same formula is applicable here too:

Is The Listing Accurate? The rental destinations post their best pictures and videos of the property, but it will be your job to read the reviews of previous clients that is the listing accurate as it is shown in the gallery or if have people complained about any sort of laking that the place missed out. Does the dwelling consist of all the facilities which they are claiming to have? It becomes necessary to see the recent videos to get a better idea.

Standard of Hygiene There are travelers, who can’t sleep on messy sheets or are too obsessed with the standard of hygiene. Read the reviews about their cleaning staff. Is the cleaning done daily? Are the sheets changed frequently? To avoid any kind of last-minute surprises.

Host’s Communication Style What is the host’s communication style? Do they address your queries on the spot or ignore the issues of the customer if any? It plays a pivotal role as that expresses how seriously the host takes its guests. Otherwise, it's futile to book a deal with them.

Conclusion Folks if you are planning to temporarily escape from your daily routine then VacayHub has got your back. Be it a cabin, beach condo, bungalow, villa, or house, we have everything that suits your convenience.

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